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Traveling knights rarely pursued any specific goals, at best, it was something abstract: love, fame, recognition, the struggle for justice…Many young men with glowing eyes began their noble campaign with a knightly vow. For example: “I swear never to return home until all the evil on the Earth has been eradicated. Amen!”. Over time, youthful maximalism was replaced by experience with which the world no longer appeared in black and white colors. The last glint in his eyes faded away, the once-sparkling armor was dimmed. The bright heraldic colors of their house were changed by the knights to something gray and not so striking: it’s much easier to wander. Traveling, they rarely used mirrors; But of the rapidly advancing years the Wanderers, as a rule, resembled their faithful horse. Over the years, the mighty stallions turned into old and lame nags. It was not possible to change the horse, since during the years of wandering, the horse became the closest friend for the knight. The irony of the fate of the knight was that over the years, he already forgot about the motives that prompted him to go on wandering … The words of the vows were erased in memory, but the knight continued to stubbornly go forward, just to go. In fact, each of them dreamed of regaining the goal, the real goal …. And our Knight was no exception.

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